Nate Bargatze Net Worth 2024, Wiki, Biography, and More

Nate Bargatze Net WorthNate Bargatze is a name synonymous with clean, relatable humor. In just a short time, he’s risen to become one of America’s most beloved comedians. From his humble beginnings in small-town Tennessee to a flourishing career spanning Netflix specials and sold-out tours, Bargatze’s charm and witty observations have endeared him to audiences worldwide. Let’s take a deep dive into Nate Bargatze’s net worth, wiki, biography, and personal life.

Nate Bargatze Wiki

Details Information
Full Name Nathan “Nate” Bargatze
Born March 25, 1979
Birthplace Old Hickory, Tennessee, USA
Occupation Comedian, Actor, Producer
Known For Netflix specials (The Tennessee Kid, The Greatest Average American), Dry, observational humor
Net Worth $4 Million as of 2024
Spouse Laura Bargatze


Early Life: Born on March 25, 1979, in Old Hickory, Tennessee, Nathan “Nate” Bargatze is the son of a world champion magician. It seems a knack for performing runs in the family. Although initially hesitant to pursue comedy, Bargatze discovered his talent during college years spent entertaining fellow students.

Becoming a Comedian: After college, Bargatze relocated to Chicago, where he honed his comedic skills on the famed Second City stage. In New York City, he was a regular at the Comedy Cellar and gained widespread recognition on shows like Late Night with Conan O’Brien and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Career Life

Comedy Specials: Nate Bargatze’s success skyrocketed with the release of his breakthrough Netflix special, The Tennessee Kid (2019). It earned him a Grammy nomination for Best Comedy Album. He doubled down in 2021 with his follow-up special The Greatest Average American, securing another Grammy nomination and further solidifying his place among comedy’s elite.

TV Appearances and Productions: Beyond stand-up specials, Bargatze has starred in his own Netflix series The Standups, and hosted the highly acclaimed podcast Nateland. In addition to performing, he’s involved in the production side with specials like Raincheck and the upcoming release, Hello World.

Comedy Style: Audiences adore Bargatze for his observational humor and self-deprecating wit. He delivers dry, clean jokes about everyday life that have an uncanny ability to make audiences laugh with a knowing nod.

Nate Bargatze Net Worth 2024

Nate Bargatze’s popularity and successful projects have propelled his estimated net worth to approximately $4 million as of 2024. He earns substantial income from:

Sold-out Comedy Tours: Bargatze’s live performances remain in high demand, leading to packed theaters across the country.

Netflix Specials and TV Appearances: His lucrative deals with Netflix and other media appearances add significantly to his wealth.

Merchandise Sales: Merchandise featuring Nate Bargatze’s signature catchphrases is popular with his devoted fans.

Personal Life

Nate Bargatze resides in Nashville with his wife, Laura, and their young daughter. He is fiercely private about his family life, keeping his personal life mostly out of the limelight and focusing on his profession.

Heart of the Matter: Nate’s Website: His official website ( acts as a hub for his professional life. Artists usually ensure their own websites include up-to-date links to verified social media channels.


Is Nate Bargatze considered a “clean” comedian?

Absolutely! He is renowned for his family-friendly humor that avoids excessive profanity or vulgarity.

Where can I see Nate Bargatze perform live?

You can find information on tour dates and purchase tickets via his official website ( and major ticketing platforms.


Nate Bargatze’s brand of relatable, clean comedy has captured the hearts of audiences. From small-town stages to Netflix specials, his journey is defined by a steady work ethic and undeniable talent. As his popularity continues to soar, it’s clear that this Tennessee Kid is leaving an enduring mark on the world of stand-up, positioning himself as one of the most beloved comedians of his generation.