Get an Indian Medical Visa in One Day | Visa Application Process

From now on, an Indian medical visa will be available in just one day. Those who apply for a medical visa may face problems if delayed. Hence, this significant decision. On Monday (16th October), India’s Hindustan Times reported this information. It is very good news for Bangladeshis who want to go to India for treatment.

The report mentions that many people from Bangladesh come to India for medical treatment. Many come to Kolkata for treatment. Many Bangladeshi citizens also go to Chennai for medical care. However, there is now some relief news for them. From now on, they will get a medical visa very quickly. In other words, if someone wants to come to India for treatment, they will get a medical visa quickly. They will not have to wait to come from Bangladesh to India.

Get an Indian Medical Visa in One Day

This new rule is being implemented from the coming Thursday. According to this rule, if a patient wants to come to India for treatment, they will receive a visa the very next day after applying. As soon as the application is received at India’s visa office, the patient and their relatives will be given visas. They will receive their visas on the first working day after submitting the application. There will be no delay whatsoever in case of emergency services like medical treatment. This is because there can be problems. Therefore, visas will be issued the day after the visa application is made.

Indian Medical Visa

The Deputy High Commissioner of the Indian High Commission has informed that, after applying at India’s visa office, on the next working day, the patient and his companion from Bangladesh will receive a visa to come to India. There will also be convenience for them in terms of medical treatment.

However, sources say many also come from Bangladesh to India for work or to increase their skills. But their visa issues will also be addressed so they don’t face any problems.

The newly appointed Deputy High Commissioner of India in Rajshahi, Manoj Kumar, has taken positive steps in this regard. Possibly, in a few months, there will also be convenience in getting tourist visas for people coming from Bangladesh to India. This will benefit many people.

Indian Medical Visa Application Process

India and Bangladesh, two neighboring countries, have shared a rich history and mutual collaboration for decades. One prominent area where this collaboration is evident is in the field of medicine. India is a sought-after destination for many Bangladeshis seeking specialized medical treatments. Acknowledging this, the Indian government has streamlined its visa application process, especially for medical tourists from Bangladesh. Here’s a comprehensive guide on the Indian medical visa application process for Bangladeshi citizens.

Why India?

India boasts a plethora of state-of-the-art medical facilities, pioneering medical research, and experienced doctors. Cities like Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Bangalore are hubs for specialized treatments in cardiology, neurology, orthopedics, transplants, and more. Combined with the relatively lower cost of treatment compared to Western countries, it’s no wonder that many choose India for their medical needs.

The Application Process

  1. Eligibility: The applicant should have a recommendation or reference from a medical practitioner in Bangladesh. Also, a confirmed appointment at a recognized medical institution in India is required.
  2. Documents: Apart from the standard documents like a valid passport and passport-sized photos, you would also need medical documents from the Bangladeshi hospital and the admitting Indian hospital.
  3. Application: Apply online through the official Indian Visa Application website. After filling out the necessary details, you’ll need to schedule an appointment for a visa interview.
  4. Visa Fee: There is a nominal fee for the medical visa, which can vary. It’s advisable to check the latest fee structure on the official website or with the Indian High Commission.
  5. Duration & Extension: Generally, the medical visa is given for the period of treatment or a maximum of 1 year, whichever is less. If the treatment requires more time, visa extensions can be applied for.


  • How soon can I get my medical visa after application?
    • As per the recent norms, Bangladeshis can expect to receive their medical visa the very next day after applying, given there’s no discrepancy in their application.
  • Can I bring an attendant with me on my medical visa?
    • Yes, up to two attendants (blood relatives) can accompany a patient under separate medical attendant visas.
  • What if I need to visit multiple cities in India for consultations?
    • The medical visa allows multiple entries, and patients can visit different cities if their treatment requires it.
  • Can I convert my tourist visa to a medical visa while in India?
    • Generally, you cannot change the visa category once in India. It’s advisable to apply for a medical visa directly if you anticipate needing medical treatment.


The streamlined medical visa application process for Bangladeshis signifies the strengthening of relations between India and Bangladesh. India is committed to ensuring that Bangladeshis seeking medical treatments face minimal hurdles and receive the best care possible. The ease of the visa process is a testament to this commitment. As medical innovations continue, one can only expect this collaboration to deepen further, benefiting countless individuals on both sides of the border.