Arunima Ekopark: A Birdwatcher’s Paradise in Narail, Bangladesh

Arunima Ekopark, situated in the Narail district of Bangladesh, is a nature lover’s paradise, especially for birdwatchers. This unique agro-eco-riverain-sports tourism destination has become a haven for both migratory and resident bird species, making it a captivating spectacle for visitors.

Arunima Ekopark Bird

A Birdwatcher’s Paradise in Narail

During the winter months, Arunima transforms into a mesmerizing blend of vibrant colors and melodious tunes as thousands of migratory birds flock to its serene landscapes. These avian visitors, hailing from distant lands like Siberia and beyond, find refuge and sustenance in the park’s diverse habitats, including wetlands, grasslands, and forest groves.

Among the most captivating sights is the synchronized flight of numerous birds, forming mesmerizing patterns against the azure sky. The cacophony of their calls and songs fills the air, creating an unforgettable symphony of nature.

Arunima Ekopark Bird

The diversity of bird species at Arunima is truly remarkable, with over 200 species recorded, including both common and rare varieties. Bird enthusiasts can spot white storks, egrets, herons, kingfishers, and many more, each contributing to the park’s rich biodiversity.

Arunima Ekopark Bird

Beyond birdwatching, Arunima offers a plethora of other attractions for nature lovers and adventure seekers. Visitors can explore the park’s extensive network of trails, which wind through lush forests and lead to hidden viewpoints, providing breathtaking panoramas of the surrounding landscapes.

The verdant expanse of Arunima also boasts a tranquil lake, where visitors can embark on leisurely boat rides, immersing themselves in the tranquility of nature. The lake’s crystal-clear waters reflect the surrounding greenery, creating a picturesque tableau that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Arunima Ekopark Bird


For those seeking recreational activities, Arunima features an international-standard golf course, providing an exhilarating golfing experience amidst the park’s natural beauty. The course is meticulously designed to challenge players of all skill levels, while also offering breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside.

In addition to its natural attractions, Arunima Ekopark is also steeped in historical significance. The region surrounding the park is home to several notable historical sites, including the birthplace of renowned sitar maestro Ravi Shankar and legendary dancer Uday Shankar. Visitors can explore these sites, gaining insights into the rich cultural heritage of the region.

How to Go

To reach Arunima Ekopark, There is an easy way to reach Arunimay from the capital Dhaka. After crossing Bishworod, Mawab-Bhanga-Bhatiya para, from Chandradigulia bus stand in Gopalganj, after going some distance to the right and crossing the Barfa Ferry Ghat, you will reach the Swapnopuri Ecopark. It will take three and a half to four hours to arrive.

From Khulna and Jessore, it takes about three hours to reach here via Nariail’s Kalia. Besides, from Lohargara in Nariail, one can go to the Ecopark by crossing the Nabaganga and Madhumati rivers in a fiber boat from Mahajan Bazar.

From Mahajan, crossing the Nabaganga River, one can also go to the Ecopark by van, Bike, or Nasimonjog from Bardia Bazar.

There is another way, that is, after crossing the Manikdah Ferry Ghat, which is adjacent to Gopalganj city, you can easily reach the Arunima Ekopark.


As you approach Arunima, a sense of tranquility envelops you, inviting you to immerse yourself in the park’s serene atmosphere. Whether you’re a passionate birdwatcher, a nature enthusiast, or simply seeking a peaceful retreat, Arunima Ekopark promises an unforgettable experience, leaving you with cherished memories of your visit to this natural wonderland.