Bike Racks on Spare Tires: Your Guide to Cycling Adventures

If you have a vehicle with a rear-mounted spare tire – especially an SUV or Jeep – you may already have the perfect spot for a bike rack! Spare tire bike racks cleverly utilize that spare tire to create a mounting point for your bikes, saving you valuable hitch space and making transportation incredibly convenient.

Bike Rack on Spare Tire

Cyclists know the sweet, satisfying feeling of hitting a stunning open road or a rugged trail with their bikes. But getting to that amazing spot requires some logistical considerations. Spare tire bike racks are a fantastic solution for vehicles with rear-mounted tires, offering secure transport without sacrificing functionality or convenience.

Understanding Spare Tire Bike Racks

Let’s break down the basics of spare tire bike racks:

  • Design: These racks are made to connect directly to your spare tire. They usually feature arms that extend outward to hold your bikes and straps or cradles to secure them in place. Some models feature locks for added peace of mind.
  • Compatibility: Before making a purchase, it’s crucial to check compatibility. Consider your tire size, vehicle, and the number of bikes you’ll carry. Look for reputable brands known to fit your specific vehicle well.
  • Capacity: You’ll find spare tire racks for one or two bikes, with some accommodating up to three or four. If you frequently ride in a group, a larger capacity is needed.

Step-by-Step Installation Guide

Here’s a simplified overview. Always refer to manufacturer instructions for your specific model.

  • Tire Cover Removal: If you have one, remove it.
  • Rack Placement: Position the rack’s base against the spare tire, matching lug nut patterns.
  • Fastening: Use the included hardware (often extended lug nuts) to secure the rack to your vehicle.
  • Arm Assembly: Depending on the model, attach the support arms for holding your bikes.
  • Bike Loading: Load bikes using the arms and straps according to the rack’s design.

Pros and Cons of Spare Tire Bike Racks

Like any product, spare tire bike racks have advantages and some things to consider:


  • Hitch-Free: Ideal if you don’t have a hitch, tow regularly, or need to access your rear cargo area often.
  • Accessibility: Makes loading and unloading bikes easier.
  • Cost-Effective: This can be a cheaper option than a traditional hitch rack.
  • Stylish: Some models enhance the off-roading aesthetic of SUVs and Jeeps.


  • Weight Limit: Often have a lower capacity than hitch racks.
  • Partial Obstruction: May partly block rearview or tail lights (look for models that avoid this).
  • Tire Size Matters: Check for fit before buying, especially with oversized tires.
  • Security: Some brands have built-in locks, and others may require additional security measures.

Why a Spare Tire Bike Rack Benefits Your Lifestyle

  • Spontaneous Rides: Always have your bike ready for adventure!
  • Vacation Ease: Avoid bike rental costs when exploring new areas.
  • Trail Diversity: Hit all your favorites in different locations.
  • Family Fun: Transform weekends with safe bike transport for everyone.


Can I still access my trunk with a spare tire bike rack?

Some models feature tilt or swing-away designs, granting rear access. Check this during your purchase research.

Can they damage my spare tire?

Reputable brands design racks to distribute weight evenly and avoid pressure damage.

Can any bike fit on these racks?

Most accommodate standard bikes but consider wheel size/shape, especially with fat bikes or specialty cycles.

Do I need additional lights if the rack blocks mine?

Some states require this. Add-on light kits are available for safety compliance.

Will driving off-road be safe with a spare tire bike rack?

Quality racks are made for bumpy rides but exercise caution. Consider additional straps for truly tough trails.

Choosing the Right Spare Tire Bike Rack for You

With numerous bike racks available, finding the best one boils down to individual needs. Here’s what to look out for:

  • Your Vehicle: The most fundamental factor. Research to find brands and models known for excellent compatibility with your car’s make and model.
  • Spare Tire Size: Oversized tires require specifically designed racks. Measure accurately or check with the rack manufacturer.
  • Bike Capacity: Do you go cycling solo or do you have a pack of adventurers? Pick a rack capacity accordingly.
  • Build Quality: Invest in robust materials and good construction. Quality brands have reliable track records.

Extra Features:

  • Tilt/Swing-Away: Essential for some vehicles if you need trunk access.
  • Built-in Locks: Protect your bikes from theft.
  • Anti-Sway Design: Minimizes bike movement for safer transport.

Top Brands for Quality and Performance

Here are a few well-respected brands in the spare tire bike rack market:

  • Hollywood Racks: Known for durability and user-friendly features
  • Allen Sports: Wide selection, often budget-friendly options
  • Yakima: Premium features and excellent load capacity
  • Kuat: Stylish designs and innovative functionality
  • Thule: Trusted brand with quality for various vehicular transport needs

Important Tip: Always review product guides and customer feedback on reputable retailer websites before finalizing your purchase.


Spare tire bike racks can unlock endless cycling possibilities for those with compatible vehicles. If you prioritize convenient bike transport, want your hitch-free, and enjoy a touch of adventurous styling, this solution may be exactly what you need.

By evaluating your individual needs and doing some research, you’ll find the perfect spare tire bike rack to elevate your biking adventures. Happy trails!